Eat with a local in Tel Aviv

by Anna Kopito | 05.06.13


Eat with is an amazing new Israeli concept that consists of inviting travelers from around the world to dine with locals. Eat with offers the opportunity to connect with a variety of local hosts to enjoy a delicious meal in the company of other foreigners while sharing stories and cultures. Thanks to Eat with, travelling and eating never seemed more fun.

This global community allows travelers to discover the authenticity of a country by being welcomed to the locals’ houses. Eat with a Japanese chef in western Galilee or have a colourful Israeli-Italian feast at Luigi’s place in Tel Aviv. This social travelling experience exposes, to the globetrotters, a new perspective of visiting a country. Eat with is definitely an inspiring concept, open to explore all kinds of tastes while experiencing the local lifestyle.

The intimate and special dinners can be hosted by anyone who wishes to extend their culinary talent and open their house to the world. Gathering around a table offers a new social experience that brings people together allowing you to meet interesting travelers in your own home sweet home. Eat with is for now available all around Israel, Barcelona and New York. Would you like to host or to be a guest? Visit the website for more information.

Written by Lauren Tolila.


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