Day One of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Stockholm

by Anna Kopito | 27.08.13

Merav Ben Loulou and I are in Stockholm for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. Yesterday was the first day, and probably the most busy one, including a few moments which were more memorable and special than others.

We enjoyed BACK’s show; the venue where the models walked up and down the staircase (inspired by Louis Vuitton maybe?), the music (a remix of Beyoncé and Sean Paul) and the collection itself. We especially liked the sporty influences, the elegant dresses in denim, the scarves and the heels in plastic. I read an interview with the designer Ann-Sofie Back on her plans to make the collections more commercial. I am not sure that she proved that with this show; you still have to be very brave to wear her clothes, but they will make you look cool though.

We got surprised that so many international fashion people visited Stockholm for the fashion week. We spoke to Bryanboy and Rumi Neely who told us how much they loved Tel Aviv during their stay in November, while Johan Lindeberg, Kenza Fourati, Waris Ahluwalia and Catherine Baba were sitting on the opposite side of us. Later that day we spotted Andre Saraiva and Gleen O’Brien on front row. Is Stockholm slowly becoming a recognized city abroad, a city comparable to Berlin, London and Milano? The fact that international fashion brands such as Stella McCartney, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Ralph Lauren and Prada are opening shops in the center of Stockholm, the increasing amount of tourists, and the international fashion celebrities on the front row might indicate that.

Merav Ben Loulou and I were very much occupied with our iPhones, trying to Instagram the best photos and films. We were not alone; we can easily conclude that the traditional notebook on every editor’s knee has been exchanged to a smart phone. The fashion trends showing during the week are not important to the same extent, but the designers main goal is to create something extraordinary, beautiful and worth showing on Instagram. It can be a detail of a dress, shining shoes, the right super models or venues. Even though we realize that the Swedish designers are inspired by Céline and Isabel Marant, we are all focusing on single pieces or styling in every show we attend; the make-up at Hunkydory, the Danish models at Carin Wester, Dagmar’s silhouettes and pajama, and Erik Bjerkesjö’s butcher aprons.


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