My City: Avi Schneebaum

by Anna Kopito | 08.09.13


We continue to discover new places in Tel Aviv through our favorite Telavivians. Nobody knows the city better than they do. This week we have talked to Avi Schneebaum, the culture editor of Time Out Tel Aviv. 

“The best part about Tel Aviv is the familiarity of everything and everyone. I missed it when I was abroad in New York. Tel Aviv is like a kibbutz, its easy to get to know anyone. Everyone is very approachable and open to meeting new people. I missed that. I like Nechama Vehezi [the café] because it became a hangout for me and a lot of my friends”.


Nechama Vahetzi “I go here for the coffee and newspapers in the morning”
144 Ahad Haam Street, 03-685 23 26.

Cafe Tachtit – “Intimate coffee bar – at night (in the day its quite hectic). I usually sit here and work. It is open 24/7”
9 Lincoln Street, 03-561 87 59


Rothschild 12 – “The best deals for business lunches.”
12 Rothschild Blvd. 12, 03-510 64 30, Facebook.

Abu Hassan – “For the hummus”
1 Ha’dolphin Street, Jaffa, 03-682 82 55

The Barbarian – “Named after the owner, The Barbarian. Cheap, good atmosphere, view of the sea. Meat and pita.”
Kedem Street, Jaffa, another recommendation.

Dim Sum Station,
44 Yehuda Halevi Street, 077-234 49 54.

Mizlala – “Good deals – 57 ils – menu always changing”
57 Nachalat Binyamin Street, 03-566 55 05, website.

Sandwich – “Nice people and sandwich.”
59 Nachalat Binyamin Street, another recommendation.


Makom Shel Basar – “Best meat”
64 Shabazi Street Street, Neve Tzedek, website.

Bertie – “Seafood, Israeli, mix”
88 King George Street, 072-251 29 50, website.

Toto – “For something more luxurious.”
4 Berkovitz Street, 03-693 51 51, website.

51 Ahad Haam Street, 03-629 97 53, website.

Papas – “Good and cheap, simple, Italian”.
12 Hillel Hazaken Street, 03-510 73 73, website.

Taizu – “Brilliant but expensive”.
23 Begin Road, 03-522 50 05, website, Facebook.

Hanoi – “Wonderful atmosphere, quite cheap and the food is great”.
18 Lilienblum Street, 03-533 79 62, Facebook.


Har Sinai,
2 HarSinai Street, Facebook.

97 Allenby Street, 03-685 16 66, Facebook.

18 Harakevet 18 Street, 054-202 84 80, Facebook.


Deli – “Always a good and different DJ rotation, the dance floor is great”.
47 Allenby Street, 054-256 74 77, Facebook.

The Block – “Great Party, every time”
157 Salame Street, 03-537 80 02, Facebook.


Shay Arye,
20 de Picciotto Street, 03-696 71 96, website.

Braverman Gallery,
12 Hasharon Street, 03-566 61 62, website.

Sommer Gallery,
13 Rothschild Blvd., 03-516 64 00, website.

Art Station,
1 Koifman Street, HaTachana Compound, 03-620 15 15, website.

Z I Z Art Space,
6 Shvil HaMerets Street, 054-926 56 05, website, Facebook.  


Tolat Sfarim, “The best book shop. I like the variety of the psychology section”
9 Rabin Square, 03-529 84 90, website.


Habima/Rothschild Boulevard – “Pretty and quiet”.

Shenkin Street – “When I was younger, I loved going to the CD Shop there. The owner would lend me CDs over the weekend, and I would always return them. I got a good education from there.”

Nevishanan Street, South Tel Aviv – “Saturday evenings, people are out, selling stolen bikes, parakeets, and all sorts of crazy stuff.”

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