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by Anna Kopito | 23.09.13


We continue to discover new places in Tel Aviv through our favorite Telavivians. Nobody knows the city better than they do. This week we have talked to the designer and journalist Heela Harel

I have been living in Florentine for 16 years. I like the combination of industry, commerce, young people and young families and I love that it is away from the center of Tel Aviv. It is the neighborhood with most street art, and the most musicians per square meters.

The neighborhood gives a feeling that everyone knows each other, forming a sense of community. Many people have been living here for 60 years and still enjoying the same pastry shop and tiny sandwich place.

Florentine is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Tel Aviv along with one of the most underestimated. The area is hidden with dilapidated architectural gems and extraordinary street art. I love walking through all the small ally ways and skinny streets off Frankel, Arbanel and Elifelet where you can run across carpentry workshops. In the opposite direction you can find the Levinsky Spice Market.


Albi – ”They have the perfect sized breakfast. And perfect price”.
8 HaGdud HaIvri Street, 03-546 60 65, Facebook.

Casino San Remo,
2 Nehama Street, 03-504 20 03, Facebook.


The Bun – “This Asian mix restaurant is accessible, casual and fun. The two brothers, who own The Bun, previously worked abroad at more exclusive, upscale places, so when it came to opening their own restaurant they chose something more accommodating to the daily lifestyle of Telavivians.”
18 Hillel HaZaken Street, 03-604 47 25, website, Facebook.

Devochka – “Best sandwiches in the world.”
40 HaChalautzim Street.


Herbert Samuel – “My favorite fancy place. It is perfect for a fancy night out and there is always something new to try. Just sitting at the bar and enjoying the environment and hospitality is worth it, not to mention the delicious food!”
6 Koifman Street Street, 03-516 65 16, Facebook.


Shesek – “My favorite bar. And the best music in town”.
17 Lilienblum Street, Facebook.

5 Simtat Beit Habad StreetFacebook.

Anna Loulou – “It is much more than just a bar. They have unique events and theme nights that you don’t necessarily have in a regular bar.  They have a décor council who come to dress up the place for the specific events. Also, every Monday they have cooking night, sometimes I am cooking there.”
1 HaPninim Street, Jaffa, Facebook.


“I like the Kiryat HaMelecha area, which is close to Shoken Street. There are a few galleries there that I like. I usually go there when somebody I know is opening, on the opening day, usually Thursday evenings.”

1 Shvil HaMifal Street, 03-522 90 44, website.

Beit Binyamini – “Contemporary ceramics center”.
17 HaAmal Street, Tel Aviv, 03-518 22 57, Facebook.

Feinberg projects,
3 HaMifal Street, 07-345 21 15, website, Facebook.


6 Yechiely Street, 03-517 14 71, website.


Neve Shanan – “It is like Little Africa and Chinatown mixed. One of the most unknown places in Tel Aviv, and different in all aspects. Here you can find food from Eritrea and Sudan, you can buy an assortment of Asian products, and shop in a flea market. The area is different and diverse with many different races and cultures.  I do walking tours there with the organization, CTLV, alternative tours of Tel Aviv.”

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