David Adika

by Anna Kopito | 23.03.14

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David Adika, photographer and artist, was born in Jerusalem in 1970 and currently lives and works in Tel Aviv. He graduated from Bezalel Academy of Art and Design with Bachelor and a Masters of Fine Arts, in collaboration with the Hebrew University Advanced Studies Program. Since graduation, Adika has continued to progress his academic career, lecturing at Bezalel and Shenkar College of Design in Tel Aviv.

Adika looks at his photographs as his autobiography – a collection of his memories, his view of society, and the connection between the political and social reality. His work is based on “seducing” and “capturing” the presence of passionate beauty, as oppose to platonic beauty. “It is the outcome of a one-time encounter between myself (the photographer), the object, and light.” He finds the beauty in the object and the contrast that surrounds it, like a sparkling crystal swan among a crowded storefront shelf.

Attempting to instill “there is beauty in everything,” he leaves the value judgment to the viewer. He proposes the possibility that aesthetics is not only a matter of beauty but is a function of the relationship between place and identity, image and gaze. In the end, his goal is to seek and explore places that captivate him, and combine his passion and vision in order to broadcast absolute seduction and sensuality through visual art.

Adika’s work has been featured in many solo and group exhibitions as well as various written publications, throughout Israel and abroad. Most recently, in 2013, the Braverman Gallery in Tel Aviv opened a solo exhibition of his work, “As in Water Face Reflects Face”. In the same year, many selected pieces from his other collections were exhibited throughout museums and galleries in Israel such as The Open Museum of Photography, Ashdod Art Museum, and the Beit Ha’ir Museum. In 2011 he received the Ministry of Culture Award from the Ministry of Science, Culture, and Sport in Jerusalem. He also received The Jack Naylor Award for Cinematography in a feature film during the 27th International Film Festival in Haifa.

Opening March 20 – April 20 at the Simon/Neuman² Gallery in Williamsburg, New York, David Adika will be featured as one of many talented artists in the first of the four contemporary photography exhibitions this season.


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