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by Anna Kopito | 01.04.14


We continue to discover new places in Tel Aviv through our favorite Telavivians. Nobody knows the city better than they do. This week we have talked to Dar Rotem.

Dar Rotem is a Graphic designer, Illustrator, Curator, who is originally from Ramat Hasharon, and currently lives in Tel Aviv. She finished her studies at Bezalel two years ago, where she studied Graphic Design and Illustration, and is now one of the curators of La Culture.

From the beginning, she knew she wanted to be an artist and one day she will continue in the direction, but at the moment she is focusing on the business side of the art industry, helping other artists fulfill their dreams. In ten years, she hopes she will have her own gallery, and will have work of her own as well as collaborations with other artists.


Geula 44, Tel Aviv, 03-5101710, Facebook

“I go here for the atmosphere, the familiar faces, and the vegetarian breakfast options.”

Tozeret Haaretz
Sderot Masaryk 12 (Kikar), Tel Aviv, 054-2264433

“I have been going there for many years for the casual and comfortable setting and it has maintained its quiet and intimate atmosphere.”

Yehuda Halevi 79, Tel Aviv, 03-9681010, Facebook

“It feels like you are abroad. The restaurant and the bakery are both excellent with great service, and are not too expensive. They have different sections – downstairs or the up stairs balcony.”


Rabbi Yochanan 8, Yaffo Flea Market, 03-6823821

“My favorite restaurant in Yaffo, where I have been going since high school, before the area and the market was crowded. It reminds me of my grandmother’s place. The atmosphere is great, right in the center of the market. Everything in the restaurant, the chairs and the napkins are from the flea market.”

Cafe Kaymak
Levinky Street 49, Florentine, Tel Aviv, 03-5185228,

“Vegetarian, Vegan and Middle Eastern restaurant, with Indian inspirations. The food is all home made, with all the ingredients fresh from the Levinsky market. They even make their own arak. Every day they have a different lunch menu.”


Joz ve loz
Yehuda Halevi 51, Tel Aviv, 03-5606385, Facebook

“Local, chef restaurant. It’s small, it’s expensive, and it’s a nice place even just for drinks.”

Haitalkia Bapishpishim
Olei Zion 16, Tel Aviv, 057-9443711, Website

“I like the checked table cloth. It’s a open space. You see the people that are cooking, the bar, the people that work there and the other guests. Really good food.”

Meshek Barzilai
Ahad 6, Tel Aviv, 035-166329, Website

“This is a new restaurant in Neve Tzedek. It used to be located in a village, but moved here. Everything is organic. Indian and thai food..”

Hillel Hazaken 12, Tel Aviv, 03-5107373, Website

“It’s an Italian restaurant. Classic. A bit expensive. The best Italian food in Tel Aviv. Its designed like an Italian restaurant. There is also a big bar with all the drinks.”


Casino San Remo
Nehama 2, Jaffa Tel Aviv, 03-5042003, Facebook

“It is located in the Noga Qtr. It is a nice place for a friends if you want to hang out.”

Hilel Zaken,Tel Aviv, 03-517-3015

“It has been open more than 10 years already. I have been sitting there since high school. It is always nice to come there for a beer with friends”.

Kuli Alma
10 Mikve Israel Street, Tel Aviv, 03 656 5155, Facebook

“Kuli Alma is a new bar in town, which seems to have potential to become really cool this summer. It is both a bar and fun place to sit outside with friends. On the walls you find art by some cool Israeli graffiti artists, such as Klone Yourself.

Har Habait/Har Sinai
2 Har Sinai Street, Tel Aviv, Facebook

“I love going there. It almost always quiet and can sit happily with friends and drink beer. Usually there are fun DJs”.


Noga Gallery
Ahad Haam 60, Tel Aviv, 03-5660123, Website

“A gallery for contemporary art”

Chelouche Gallery
Mazeh 7, Tel Aviv, 03-6200068, Website

“This contemporary art museum is situated in an old building that was restored and continues to be a beautiful space. The museum itself contains the best artists and hold the most interesting exhibitions.”

Gordon 2
Natan Hachacham 4, Tel Aviv, 03-5290011, Website

“The Gordon Gallery features cutting edge contemporary art with a focus on the younger generation of artists and art lovers.”


Sharon Brunsher
Frishman 75 (Kikar Masaryk), 03-5270374, Hashia 3, Basel, 03-602-1166, Amihad 13, Jaffa, 03-683-1896, Website

“A clothing store with nice fabrics, classic and natural colours of beige, browns, and whites, and simple and relaxing styles.”

1 David HaMelech Street, Tel Aviv

“This is a design store – focusing on paper. Everything is made in Israel.”

Migdal Or
51 Yehuda Halevi, Tel Aviv

“This is a book store with a lot of books from abroad and many limited editions.”

Shoshans – Garden Design & Boutique
6 Nachama Street, Tel Aviv
“This is a new nice store for plants and flowers in Noga. When you visit the store, you get the feeling of relaxation. The owners always explain and help you to choose. They also offer workshops, teaching how to treat plants and things you can do by yourself at home.”


Bialik Square
Tel Aviv
“I go there for a break – for illustrating and painting.”

Albert Square
Where Nachmani and Balfour Street meet, Tel Aviv

“It’s a beautiful, small square, in a quiet area, but connected to all streets.”

Kiryat Hasefer
Yehuda Halevi, Tel Aviv

“A new park, recently renovated with a small organic garden, growing flowers, basil, and tomatoes, and a small pool with fish.”

4 Ditsa Street, Tel Aviv, 03-6356866, Facebook
“It is a charming place, a workshop, which brings good people together and creates a community that loves art.”

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