Intimate Strangers by Hemya Moran

by Anna Kopito | 12.10.14

We take photographs all the time. It’s just a thing we do now, every moment is captured and every event is carefully curated onto our social media pages and blogs. Yet are these intimacies real? If we pose ourselves in certain romantic poses and lean our bodies just slightly, so that we look ‘fun’ on film – is it credible?

Phototgrapher Hemya Moran takes a great interest in these ‘intimate’ moments that we are constantly capturing. After completing her BFA at Bezalel Academy in Jerusalem and almost at the end of her Masters at the Royal College of Art in London, she has received a grant from the Lepsien Art foundation to live and work in a studio based in Dusseldorf in Germany. With a great many exhibitions and solo shows, Hemya focuses on the duality behind photograph taking in our modern capture-every-moment-obsessed society. Where are the lines between reality and fiction? Hemya will set up spending long hours with her subjects and capture moments between them and then go back later on and restage moments she has captured, Hemya looks at how we can pretend on film – how we can reimagine moments.

Hemya also captures moments with strangers, how can we know when we see closeness on film that it is real? Often quite haunting, Hemya’s photographs have undercurrents of falsity and unreal ties between people. As she snaps away at reenacted familiar moments between people who may never have had or will have real familiarity, the images disappear into the realm of captured moments – part of a huge bank of all of our captured moments, in all their supposed importance. They all become part of one huge collection of images, indecipherably real or posed.

Text by Francesca Kletz
All the photos were taken in Tel Aviv by Hemya Moran

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