Matter o’ Time with Gil Renov

by Anna Kopito | 27.12.14

Running – chasing after it – time dictates a designer’s every move. Daily routines or shackled by deadlines. With time and money tied so closely to one another, immanent decisions regarding the design-process, choice of materials, level of complexity are not only affected, but more often than not, derive from the time-equals-money equation.

In a world where Form-Follows-Faster, designer Gil Renov offers a different perspective on design or how the design-process should unfold.

Renov, 29, graduated last year (2014) from Holon Institute of Technology (HIT) and lives and works today in Tel Aviv. His graduation project, titled Matter O Time, emphasizes the contradiction standing at the base of the design process. On the one hand, a “need for speed”: The economic advantage of an efficient and swift design process, relying on mechanical instruments, such as CNC machines, laser cutters and 3D printers. While, on the other hand, hand-made, traditional crafts are highly appreciated and thus valued.

The subject of design was in fact a series of clocks, each depicting time differently; Ranging from the socially acceptable concepts of time, natural time and perception of time according to the spectator’s perspective.

The design process, affected Renov’s fascination with Slow Movement, made use of two recycled materials. The first, Corian, a composite of acrylic polymer and ATH (Alumina trihydrate, derived from Bauxite ore); Corian was developed in the 1960s as a cheaper alternative for Marble, processed easily and quickly by heating. Serving as the ‘fast’ material, the bright Corian is contrasted with the second ‘slow’ material; colourful, triangular-patterned, laminated wood. A material developed by Renov himself, who hand-picked scraps of wood, shaped them into triangles, creating different patterns; the prisms are then glued, laminated and cut into new layers of Fournier, referring to the traditional style of Khatam Kari (Persian art of embedding geometrical shaped delicate pieces of wood, bone and metal).

Text by Gili Ron

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Video by Noi Fuhrer


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