Art To Wear by Elinor Cohen

by Anna Kopito | 05.01.15

The relationship between art and jewellery has always been a tenacious one. While some would stress the importance of the functionality of jewellery – that is, the need for wearable pieces – others dismiss this as insignificant, and view jewellery exclusively as art. The blending and intermixing of the two disciplines is a complicated task that must be undertaken delicately.

In 2014, contemporary jewellery designer and maker, Elinor Cohen, founded her own brand Elii with stunning results. With the tagline “art to wear”, Cohen makes a bold statement and successfully merges art and jewellery. With pieces that are nothing short of spectacular, a focus on making strong aesthetic statements through contradictory materials is carried throughout her collections.

Currently a Master’s student at Shenkar College of Engineering, Design and Art, Cohen describes her main inspiration as a “dialogue between architectural layouts and abstract art” taking the two opposite disciplines that “when combined, become a new environment.” In her latest collection, the interaction between “aesthetic needs and functional aspects” are tested in a gorgeous display. With a strong exhibition history, Cohen has displayed in several shows throughout Israel, as well as at the 2014 Milan Design Week.


Written by Rebecca Roberts
Photos by Aya Wind

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