Broken Telephone – a performance by halt!

by Anna Kopito | 21.01.15

We recently stumbled upon a unique project organised by halt! group. The creative directors are currently in the midst of producing a show called ”Broken Telephone” (yes, like that game you used to play as a kid). It is not only the name that excites but also the fact that they have gathered 20 creators from different disciplines – music, spoken word, theatre, dance and animation – to create a very special performance. And to let them actually play broken telephone.

A thread has been created where each artist has created a ”whisper”, a creation of about 5 minutes.  The artists have thereafter been passing on the ”whisper” to the next artist who will have added their own and passed it on to the next until the end of the thread.

The final show will finally consist of all of the ”whispers” in the original order, one after the other (and some even merge with each other). The result is an hour-long performance that deals with the concept of interpersonal communication in the current technological age. ”We are interested in discovering where and how the meanings get lost or changed along the way”, says Yael Shinkar.

Their current aim is to bring the project to the stage and they are in the process of raising money to make it happen. Watch their campaign video on Headstart, or below, where the creators themselves explain the idea behind it.

?מה זה טלפון שבור from טלפון שבור on Vimeo.

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Director: Roy Hertz Russo, theatre director
Music: Noam Helfer, Yehu Yaron, Anastasia Sadomski, Dan Alon & Shani Broner, Eyal Yonati & Gidi Raz.
Spoken Word: Maya Zax. Tzvia Margaliot, Arik Eber.
Theatre/Performance: Gilad Kahana, Renana Raz, Ariel Bronz, Nataly Zukerman, Maya Elran, Daniel Landau, Meital Raz (Puppet theatre).
Dance: Artour Astman, Takanori Kawaharada, Saar Magal.
Animation: Shachaf Menapov.

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