Stolen Goods by the Melnick sisters

by Anna Kopito | 19.03.15

We all love to own items and accessories that make us feel special, as if they were individually tailored to fit our personalities. ‘Stolen Goods’, the new brand by the sisters Tom and Gal Melnick, captivates that personalized vibe with charming and playful handcrafted bags.

The bags posses a simple and minimalist cut that focus on comfort. Made from thick black or white fabric, they maintain a very clean esthetic. The exciting part of the design is the print; each bag is individually hand printed with silk screen patterns and illustrations.

“Our inspirations come from many different directions,” they explain. “Each bag is influenced by something else and carries its own unique topic. For example, a bag printed with ghost-styled pizza slices and French fries, an 80’s style bag with geometric shapes, bags that are influenced by symbols of old cultures and bags that carry organic shapes.”

Both Sisters graduated design and art schools this year, Gal studied fine art in Bezalel and Tom studied graphic design and illustration at Shenkar. “We decided to try to create something together and see if it works out,” they say. “Each one of us has her own personal style and together we really complement each other.”

Comfortable, simple and personal – Stolen Goods’ bags encompass the spirit of this city, perfect for us Telavivians on our way from the office, to a cafe, to drinks on the beach.


Written by Yuval Regev
Photo by Elad Baranga












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