Itay Zalait’s first solo exhibition Furrow Industry

by Anna Kopito | 28.04.15

Sometimes it’s an inspiring book, movie or conversation that enables us to see our lifestyle in a new light, on a larger scale. “Furrow Industry”, Itay Zalait’s first solo exhibition is curated by Tali Kayam at P8 Gallery. In his art, Zalait tries to confront, in his own way, the narrowing funnel of day to day life, while inspiring the importance of this struggle.

For his exhibition, Zalait created 15 hybrids made of found objects – mostly toys – which have been given a new life and purpose and turned into large monochromatic installations. The result is very intriguing. Zalait describes himself as a collector (although aren’t we all? We constantly collect, but don’t notice it as we keep chasing to collect more). Zalait, however, did notice: “The objects I collect are scattered around my studio floor, until I find a connection, in which the dumped objects become something new.” The toys are being painted in the same one colour, which makes them lose their allurance but enables us to see the new creation as a whole rather than a sum of different details.

The work process repeats itself, another metaphor of the insatiable consumerism culture. Tali Kayam, the curator, shares what sparked the process: “Itay encouraged me to read the book The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle, which widely discusses the lack of presence we live our lives in, how we think egotistically ‘when we reach there or buy this, that’s when we will be happy’, we are getting nowhere. Later we decided the exhibition will focus on this impotent cycle.”

It seems as though Zalait is tightening his grip on his life philosophy. whether you’ll identify with his powerful messages or not, allow yourself to witness them.

“Furrow Industry”, p8 Gallery, 79 Yehuda Halevi st. Tel-Aviv. Opens: April 30th at 8pm. Facebook event.

איתי זלאיט_צילום יאיר מיוחס_2

איתי זלאיט_צילום יאיר מיוחס_3

איתי זלאיט_צילום יאיר מיוחס_5

איתי זלאיט_צילום יאיר מיוחס


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