FEED/ME Pop_Up Exhibition by Ohad Benit and David Pearl

by Anna Kopito | 29.04.15

It’s not easy to draw the line between design and art. When is a creation a design? When is it a work of art? That is exactly the question Ohad Benit raises in his new Pop_Up exhibition FEED/ME, together with a series of other questions regarding the value of creative ideas and how they should be priced.

A year after the exhibition was first launched, Ohad Benit’s studio MISHMAACOOL and David Pearl will be opening it for the second time this Thursday. Open to the general public, the exhibit will include sails from Benit’s new and exciting designs, alongside music, drinks and even Popsicles to start off the Tel Aviv summer.

Benit, an industrial design graduate of the Hadasa Academic College in Jerusalem, dedicates his work to exploring the line between design and art. He creates daily home objects and artifacts while using a very wide range of materials and techniques. “It’s not easy to create an array of items which are all completely different from each other,” he explains. “Each one of them carries its own individual character in terms of its cultural background, social setting, shape and color pallet.”

Beyond raising questions regarding how we define art and design, Benit also attempts to challenge the way we value them. He conceptualized the question of “How much is an idea worth?” and transformed it into a unique sales method: Buyers who are interested in an item are exposed to the cost of its materials, the time of work spent on it, and any other manufacturing costs – and then they decide for themselves how much money they would like to pay for it.

This method, also to be used at the upcoming exhibition, sheds a rare light on the way we purchase things. It emphasizes the way people value ideas and put a price on them. Beyond that, it also creates an interesting dialogue between the artist and the buyer, mixing ideology, personal standards and even discomfort into the buying process.

The exhibition will take place at the “Fertile Ground” space (Gordon 26, Tel Aviv) from Thursday April 30th until Saturday May 1st. The space is a unique renewal project of a 1930’s Bauhaus building, with the aim of creating sustainable and enriching opportunities in the urban landscape.

Gordon Street 26, Tel Aviv, 30/4-1/5, Facebook event.

Thursday (30.4) 20:00-23:00
Opening Event with DJ Oren Marzam

Friday (1.5) 11:00-17:00
DJ Nadav Neeman

Saturday (2.5) 12:00-22:00
Closing event with a special performance by Sivan Talmor








Written by Yuval Regev


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FEED/ME Pop_Up Exhibition by Ohad Benit and David Pearl

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